Czammy, My Inspirationpic-heart-35, cont’d

Czammy came into my life in 2001. He was 19. I was 42. His experience was barrel racing and pole bending. My experience was zero in these sports and Czammy was going to be my teacher. I was thrilled!

Czammy was a no nonsense, groom me, tack me up, and let's get riding kinda horse. I was the "I've been waiting for you all my life," in-your-face kissing and hugging, let's get close and hang out together on the ground kinda guardian.

We had a rough start; we wanted and needed different things from each other. We hung in there, though, rode in a couple of barrel racing/pole bending clinics, and practiced on our own. After only a few months, Czammy was showing a consistent lack of interest in barrel racing, and I was just getting started. But as guardians and partners with our horses, we must honor, respect and listen to what they're telling us, and I did... no more barrels or poles. Instead, he became my teacher at team penning. We both had a blast moving cows along.

About two years later, we moved to a different barn where we did lots of trail riding. Czammy was great on trails; again, he was my teacher -- brave and surefooted; he took me on adventures all over Berlin, MA.

Soon after though, his left knee, which had been injured many years before, became lame after our short rides. To ease his pain, and to help him to heal more quickly, I offered Reiki to Czammy. At this time, I was certified as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner and my experience had been on humans only.

Within minutes of placing my hands on his knee, his head dropped and he licked and chewed. I then continued with the rest of his body. He stood there quietly for a long time, relaxing and soaking up the Reiki energy. This became a ritual for us. Not only did the Reiki ease his pain and help him to recover more quickly, this silent time gave Czammy and me the gift of "being" with each other. No brushing, tacking, or riding, or even talking - just "being." Something we had not experienced before. We both learned to trust and to "be", together.

Once again, Czammy was my teacher. He raised my awareness that if Reiki could help him to feel better and to allow him to "be" in the presence of the Reiki energy, that I could offer and share this healing energy to other equines. So I did. I pursued my Second Degree and Reiki Master certifications and started my business, Circle of Peace, in 2007, working with animals and humans.

Thank you, Czammy, for opening my eyes, my heart, and my business.

Czammy crossed over quietly, with his herd nearby, in February 2012.


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