“The circle is without end, that it brings us closer together. It's a place where we can come together
in harmony with a sense of blending, forgiving, loving, tolerating. If we can live that way, then
perhaps our world, which is the greatest circle, might be a better place."

                                                                                                                      ~ Bear Heart


My name is Linda Crabtree. I am a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and Nationally Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner.

My purpose is to help animals to find their peace, their balance, their health with the practice of gentle, holistic, non-invasive methods that benefit and balance the whole body — mind, body and soul, and to teach Reiki to individuals so that they can help the animals in their circle of life to feel better. I believe that Eastern methods and Western medicine work together to provide the best, most complete care and positive results for all animals.

I am committed to working with your animal companion to find balance and health for the whole body. If your equine, dog or cat is being treated by a veterinarian for a medical concern, I will work with your vet to develop a Reiki and/or Acupressure plan that will complement and enhance the care your animal is receiving.

I am dedicated to teaching and guiding you on how you can help your animal companion to feel better.

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I am finally in a place mentally and physically where I could offer Reiki to Moon, and Linda dear, she moved RIGHT into my hands... saying HERE and HERE and HERE MORE. I thank you with my whole heart and spirit once again, Linda.
Susan G.

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